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QuadraFire CASTILE & Mt. Vernon Stove Door & Ash Pan Gasket; Tadpole & Rope Seal

Quadra-Fire TADPOLE Door Gasket & ROPE Ash Pan Gasket Fits Models: ~Quadra Fire Castile FS ~ Original Mt. Vernon Freestanding (4 Speed Control Model, Not the Mt. Vernon AE) Kit Includes: ~ 5' length of Bulb Tadpole Door Gasket (w/adhesive backing) ~ 3' length of 1/4" Rope Ash Pan Door Gasket ~ 2oz Seal Cement Notes for Installation: - Door Gasket goes all the way around the glass however, the tadpole (bulb) portion only goes around 3 sides for the door seal. This is for air-wash. Be sure to note whether your unit has air-wash at the top or the bottom of the door and replace gasket the same way. You will trim the tadpole (bulb portion off and discard for the side that has the air-wash). Tadpole gasket adheres to the glass with Seal Cement - The Seal Cement is also used for the Ash Pan Door Gasket. Be sure to remove old silicone prior to installation. Let new gasket Seal Cement set for a minimum of 1 hr before closing door.