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Char-griller gasket mod 5/8" fiberglass rope & rtv WITH side firebox gasket 1/8"

his is the first Char-griller mod that should be done. It will positively seal up that leaky cooking chamber and firebox. Included in this auction is 14 feet of 5/8" fiberglass rope gasket, manufactured by Gaskets Inc. & one (1) tube RTV, water proof, adhesive for the cook chamber. THIS KIT ALSO INCLUDES A 1/8 x 3/4" FIREBOX GASKET, 7 FEET LONG (self stick). Installation is simple. Included is a tube RTV silicone to adhere it to the perimeter of your Char-griller BBQ. Gasket should be set so that it fills the gap between the lid and body. RTV is self curing and sets in 60 minutes, full cure in 24 hours. Note: When installing, be sure to use some RTV on the joints where the gasket meets, so that it will cure and keep the ends of the rope gasket from un-raveling. You may want to use masking tape to hold the gasket into place while the adhesive sets. The firebox gasket should be riveted on.