Breckwell-Pellet-Stove-Firebox-Door-Rope-Gasket-Seal-Kit 5/8'x6'

Breckwell Firebox Door Gasket Kit Fits Models: P20 Cadet P22 Maverick P22I Maverick Insert P23 Sonora P23I Sonora Insert P24 Blazer P24I Blazer Insert P26 Cadet P28 P28I P32I Cadet SPC50 P1000 Big E P2000I Tahoe Insert P2700 Mojave P4000 Classic Cast P7000 Solstice SP6000 Heartland Big E II - SP1002 SPC50 Specs: ~ Breckwell aftermarket replacement firebox door gasket for the above mentioned models. ~ 5/8″ diameter x 6′ length fiberglass rope gasket; medium density. ~ 2.8 oz tube of high temperature seal cement included. (Be sure to scrape away as much old silicone as possible before installing the new gasket. Do not bunch or stretch the new gasket when installing in the door groove. Let set-up for a minimum of 1 hour before closing the door.) ~ Guaranteed Highest Quality & Highest Fire Rating Gasket Material. ~ No manufacturer warranty on gaskets. We do guarantee product to arrive in brand new perfect condition. ~ Made in the USA