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Flame Pellet Door Rope Gasket Kit 5/8" X 6' plus Adhesive

Replacement door rope gasket kit measuring 5/8" x 6' includes glue for Drolet, Osburn, Flame and Enerzone pellet, wood and oil stoves. Fits the following models: Flame Pellet Stoves: FP-35 (Serial # 100 - 440) FP-35 Insert (Serial # 100 and above) FP-45 Flame Oil Stoves: GLT-I GLT-II GLT-III GX5 Flame Woodstoves: Executive Lieutenant II Monaco (Serial # 415 and lower) NXT-I XLT-I XLT-II XTD 1.1 XTD 1.5 Black Door XTD 1.5 Insert XTD 1.9 Black Door (Model FL045W) XTD 1.9 Black Door (Model FL045 w/Serial # 3919 and lower) XTD 1.9 Insert (Models FL061 and FL061W) XVR1 XVR-II XVR-II SE XVR-III XVR-I SE (Model FL027) XVR-I SE (Model FL021T w/Serial # 12061 and lower)