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Quadrafire (1/8"X3/4"X6' PSA) GLASS Gasket - Wood and Gas Stove Models

Quadra-Fire Stoves Glass Gasket Kit Quadra-Fire Wood Stoves:

2100 FS 2100 Insert 2100 Millennium ACC 2100 Millennium ACT 2700-i 3100 ACC (Millennium) 3100i Non-ACT 3100 FS Non-ACT 3100 FS ACT 3100-I ACT 3100 ACC (Step Top) 31I-ACC 4100-i ACT 4100 FS 4300 Millennium ACC 4300 Millennium ACT 4300 FS 4300 ACT (Step Top) 43ST-ACC 5100-i ACT 57ST ACC 5700 ACT Bodega Bay Voyageur - Requires 2 packages Grand Voyageur - Requires 2 packages

Quadra-fire Gas Stoves: DV44 DV400 DV400L DV750 DVI-32 GB40i (Grand Bay 40) GBDV40 (Grand Bay 40) - Requires 2 packages Hudson Bay Insert

Heatilator Eco-Choice Pellet Stoves: PS35 PS50 CAB50 MAR35 Specs: ~ Replacement fiberglass tape GLASS gasket for the firebox door on the above mentioned models. 6' length x 3/4" Wide ~ Peel off adhesive backing, no additional sealant needed