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Jamestown Pellet Flat Glass/Combustion Access Cover Gasket Seal 3/4″ x 6.5' PSA

Jamestown Glass & Access Cover Gasket

Top Quality Import Replacement

3/4″ x 6.5′ Flat PSA Glass Gasket & Combustion Access Cover Plate Gasket

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J1 – J1000
J2 – J2000
J3 – J3000


Size Measures 7' Length x 3/4" Width x 1/8" Thick - This gasket replacement is slightly wider than the original 5/8" width factory gasket, however it will work and seal correctly. Remaining Gasket can be Discarded.
Installation This glass gasket is also used on the combustion access cover plate. 28" J2 & J3 - 22" or 2' for the side. PSA Peel-Off Self Adhesive Backing.