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Quadrafire (3/4"x7') Firebox Door Gasket/Wood and Gas Stove Models With Adhesive

Quadra-Fire Stoves Firebox Door Gasket Kit Fits Wood Stove Models: 3100 ACC 4300 ACC Millenium 4300 ACT Millenium 1900 FS 2100 Insert 2100 FS 21M ACC 2100 Millennium ACT 2700 Insert 3100 FS Pre ACT 3100 Insert Pre ACT 3100 FS ACT 3100 ACC (Step Top) 31i ACC 3100-I ACT 4100 FS 4300 FS Pre ACT 43ST ACC 4300 ACT (Step Top) 5100-i ACT 5700 ACT 57ST ACC Fits Gas Stove Models: ~ DV 40 Step Top Specs: ~ Replacement fiberglass rope gasket for the firebox door on the above mentioned models. ~ 7' length x 3/4" diameter ~ Includes 2 oz tube of high temperature Seal Cement sealant - NOTE: Make sure you remove as much of the old silicone and ash before laying the new bead of silicone in and placing the gasket. Do not stretch or bunch the gasket while installing; gently roll it into place. Let it set up for a minimum of 1 hour, preferably 24 hours before closing the door on the stove. ~ Guaranteed highest quality fire rated replacement rope gasket and highest quality sealant