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Drolet Pellet (1/4" X 6') Door Rope Gasket Kit, plus Adhesive

Replacement door gasket kit with 6ft of 1/4" rope gasket and cement for multiple SBI pellet and wood stoves. Fits the following models: Osburn Woodstoves: 900 2000 Insert 2000 (Model OB02000) 2000 w/Blower 2300 Nickel and Gold Door (Serial # 4268 and lower) 2300 (Model OB02300 w/Serial # 4268 and lower) Stratford Drolet Woodstoves: Adirondack Austral Baltic Baron 2000SP Blackcomb Cassandra Celtic Columbia Eastwood 1500 Eldorado EPA Exempt Model 2007 Gemini 1200 Gemini 1500 Jasper Klondike 1200 Legend Little Sawman Lorraine Millenia Patriarch Savannah Sawman Sawyer Settler Whistler Steel and Iron Door Whistler DLX Drolet Pellet Stoves: Eco-45 Enerzone Woodstoves: Solution 1.3 (Model EB00011) Solution 1.3 (Model EB00010 w/Serial # 299 and lower) Solution 1.6 (Model EB00017) Enerzone Pellet Stoves: Bio-35 (Serial # 100 - 324) Bio-35 Insert (Serial # 100 - 324) Bio-45MF (Model EP00045) Century Woodstoves: S245E S245E w/ Blower Whistler EPA Exempt