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Replacement Brunco & Buck Window Channel Glass Gasket, 3/4″ x 6.5′ PSA

Brunco & Buck window channel Gasket

Top Quality Import Replacement

3/4″ x 6.5′ Window Channel Glass Gasket

Guaranteed Newest Stock Inventory


Model Note

May be used for other wood, coal, gas, corn or pellet models. Please check your gasket width.


Firelite (FL)
Hearthglow Insert (HGI)
Hearthglow Stove (HGS)
Spitfire Insert (SFI)
Spitfire Stove (SFS)

Buck Wood Stoves

Model 18
Model 20
Model 21
Model 51
Model 80
Model 81
Model 85
Model 91
Model FS21


Size 3/4" Width x 7' Length. Original Gasket was 5/8" Width; We do Guarantee the 3/4" to provide proper seal for replacement. Left over gasket can be discarded.
Installation PSA Style Flat Gasket, Simply Peel Off The Backing Strip To Apply. Important to remove as much residue as possible left behind from the previous gasket. Gasket will fold into a U-shape around the glass. Tighten glass security clips gently and evenly when placing the glass back in the door.