Rusco Hot Water Spin Down Filter System For Outdoor Wood Boiler - 3/4" #2900578

The Rusco Hot Water Spin Down Filter System can operate with water up to 200ºF because of the glass filled polypropylene head that comes with female threads with a stainless steel reinforcing ring over the inlet/outlet. The filter screens are also a durable stainless steel, as well as a chemically resistant and heat resistant filter cover.

The Rusco Hot Water filter systems utilize centrifugal separation technology to filter particulates from the water, which is clearly visible through the clear filter cover. The stainless steels screens can also be easily cleaned and reused over and over again.

Centrifugal separation technology and 100 mesh filter element. Amber see-through cover easily removeable for cleaning using no tools. Bottom valve used to empty sediment. Stainless steel screen filter is cleanable and reusable. Rated to 200¢ªF(93¢ªC) @ 40 psi. Dimensions: 14-3/8"L x 5"W. Port size: 3/4" FPT.