Taco 009-HBF5-J Pump/Circulator With Bronze Cartridge - For Outdoor Wood Boiler

Taco Cast Iron Circulating pump Taco 009 BF5-J Pump

The Taco 009 (Cast Iron pump with a Bronze Cartridge) - typical uses include hydronic heating, radiant in-floor/panel heating, closed & open loop solar and wood furnace heating systems. The bronze cartridge 009 is used in higher-head/lower-flow heat recovery, heating and light commercial. The unique replaceable cartridge contains all of the moving parts and allows for easy service, instead of replacing the entire circulator. Compact, direct-drive, low power consumption design is ideal for high-efficiency jobs. (110 volt) Taco 009 BF5-J & Taco 0011 BF4-J are the flagship pumps of the wood boiler industry. DO NOT compare this pump to the Taco 009-F5 pump. The F5 is the base model Taco 009. Ours is the PREMIUM Taco 009. *** GASKETS INCLUDED WITH PUMP **