Outdoor Wood Boiler Water Prep Solution & Cleaner 102 Treats 200 Gal. (Quart)

The ESSENTIAL KEY TO STARTING A WATER TREATMENT PROGRAM so that full benefits can be realized for corrosion prevention is metal passivation and pretreatment cleaning. Now you have the ability to get your program started on the right foot.

Prepares surfaces so that treatment will “take”;much like seasoning a cast iron skillet or griddle
Product is formulated based on successful industrial research and development of chemical metal passivation
Cleans out all the manufacturing grime and gunk that will later be problematic for your new boiler and a successful water treatment program
Works well to prepare “neglected “ boilers for a new treatment program
Inexpensive and easy to use
Necessary process after any form of system scale removal to halt these aggressive processes
Has the ability to really “scrub” and penetrate
Without this process you are really handicapping any regular treatment’s ability to provide full corrosion protection
Fully concentrated

Reformulated to include all the cleaning benefits of the former Lay-Up 103 to make things simpler and to make product choice easier

Now one product to do all the cleaning and passivation necessary for a new system or tweeking an existing system prior to draining Dosage: New boiler - 1 quart per 200 gallons of system fill water Existing (used) boiler - 2 quarts per 200 gallons of system fill water

Directions for use: Flush system with fresh water and drain. Carefully mix Prep Solution 102 in a clean 5 gallon bucket with 2-3 gallons of warm, clean water. Refill boiler with fresh water adding entire contents of your Prep Solution 102 mixture directly to boiler. Fire your boiler to warm system water to assist product effectiveness and circulate for 4-12 hours. Completely drain and flush system. Caution for existing (used) system: Heavily fouled systems may tend to slough large amounts of deposited material; therefore, adequate precautions should be taken to prevent plugging of small lines, heat exchangers, etc. Scaledeposits should be removed prior to using Prep Solution 102 for best results.