Insul-Seal Outdoor Wood Furnace/Boiler INSULATED PEX PIPE by the Foot

Order Correct Number of Feet, Quantity (1) Equals One Foot.  5" Corrugated tubing - Polyolefin tubular insulation

100% virgin material
0perating temp 300 to 200 deg F
Water perm 0
Insulation structure Closed cell, Far superior to Wrapped type insulation
Insulation density 1.5 lb
Absorption 0
Mold Growth 0
Lineal shrinkage Less then 4%
R-Value 8.5

*Does not support mold or fungus growth
*Coil sizes available Minimum Order 20 Feet
*Available with Oxygen 1" non-barrier
*Outer yellow sealing cap included.