Side Arm Heat Exchanger Fits Various Models Of Outdoor Wood Furnaces/Boilers

Your are buying a side arm heat exchanger for your hot water tank (domestic water). This has fittings sizes of 3/4" inlet for your hot water tank and 1" on the outdoor wood furnace side that are threaded for ease of installation.The length is 48" long and 3" at its widest point. This can work with any gas or electric hot water heater. This unit will not clog up like a plate exchanger when used on the domestic water side. The inner copper tube has been rolled to make the water swirl for better heat transfer. THIS ITEM HAS NOT BEEN SWEATED TOGETHER SO IT WILL FIT FOR ANY APPLICATION WE NOW OFFER THE PORTS ON THE WOOD STOVE LINE OF THE SIDEARM WITH A THREADED FITTING SO THIS WILL SAVE YOU 2 SWEAT JOINTS AND MAKE FOR A EASY INSTALL ON THE WOOD STOVE SIDE OF THIS HEAT EXCHANGER. THAT TEE WITH THE THREADED PORTS ARE ALSO MADE OF BRASS !!!!!! THIS IS A ONE SIZE FITS ALL UP TO A 120 GALLON HOT WATER TANK.


Our inner copper tube is VERY thick, much thicker than others. This not only ensures a longer life, but most importantly it prevents the inside tube from failing! It is not the grade of copper, but the thickness that counts! L and M grades of copper that others are using are thinner and when the rolled threads are cut it will be too thin! Our sidearms are made from grade K copper.

The inner copper tube has been rolledto make the water swirl for better heat transfer. If a heat exchanger does not have this rolled process, you will not be happy!