Heatmor Automatic Fan Switch

The Automatic Fan Switch must operate correctly for safe operation of the Heatmor


The fan switch turns the fan on while the outer door is opened to clear the possible excess fuel build up in
the firebox. Along with normal recommended, safe firebox door opening practices, the risk of a flash back is
greatly reduced.
The Automatic Fan Switch automatically turns on the fan when the front outer door is open. The Automatic
Fan Switch can be over ridden by the Front light and Combustion Air Blower Control Switch and the high limit
will also override the Automatic Fan Switch.
Ensure that the outer door closes properly to activate the Automatic Fan Switch. If the outer door does not
close properly the switch could stay in the "fan on" position or if the Automatic Fan Switch fails in the "fan on"
position, the Heatmor combustion fan will continue to run until the high limit is tripped. Ensure that the Auto-
matic Fan Switch is working properly: if the Heatmor is off when you approach the Heatmor, the fan should
come on when you open the outer door, if it does not, then your Automatic Fan Switch has failed in the
"fan off" position