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Crown Royal Wood Boiler, Silicone Door Seal Kit With (Deluxe 10'X1"+Silicone)

Replace your Outdoor Wood Boiler door gasket one last time with Twin Waters Energy's Silico Rope gasket. Silicone coated rope is comprised of an electrical-grade fiberglass (E-Glass) fabric that is knitted or braided into customizable lengths. This base material is coated with viscoelastic silicone polymer, which imparts enhanced abrasion-resistant properties and optimizes the underlying thermomechanical performance of the E-Glass rope. Silicone coated ropes are extremely flexible and can be easily formed on-site to fit distinct furnace architectures.

Silicone coated ropes are designed for non-combustibility even in continuous use temperatures of 260°C (500°F), with outstanding non-wetting and inflammability behavior. One of the most beneficial properties of silicone coated ropes is their ability to completely eliminate the exit of gases, vapors, and liquids.