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Taco Z100c2-2 Zone Valve, 2 Way,Nc, 1 In Sweat (#5800027)

The Taco zone sentry zone valve enhances the overall performance of any zone valve system. The unique patented technology in the zone sentry utilizes a microcircuit based logic to control a gear driven electronic actuator which drives a ball valve based body design. All this adds up to a zone valve that leads the industry in energy efficiency, flow capacity (Cv), shutoff pressure rating, ease of installation, diagnostic capability and the number of valves that can be use on a standard 40 VA transformer.

Taco Comfort Solutions® Zone Sentry Zone Valve, 1 in Nominal, Sweat Connection, 2-Way -Ways/Position, 300 lb/sq-in Operating, 125 lb/sq-in Close-Off Pressure, 8.9 Flow Coefficient, Brass Stem, Chrome-Plated Brass Trim, Modified Teflon Seat, EPDM O-ring Seal, Forged Brass, Configuration: NC, 0.48 A Charging, 0.06 A Power-On, 24 VAC at 60 Hz, 11.4 W Charging, 1.44 W Power-On, 135 deg F Ambient, 20 - 220 deg F Fluid, 3-7/8 in L x 2-3/8 in W