Thermometer Bi Metal With Well (1/2 NPT) Miljoco B259951-2W

MJB259951-2W Hot Water Thermometer with 1/2" NPT Thermowell

This Hot Water Thermometer represents a good value for installations where temperature accuracy is less critical and there are no corrosive elements in the environment or process media. This thermometer simply press-fits into the brass thermowell that is provided. Typical installations are heating coils,hydronic radiant in-floor systems, outdoor wood-burning furnaces, etc.

  • CASE: Zinc plated brass. 2.5" Dial
  • RING: Chrome plated brass.
  • LENS: Glass.
  • DIAL: Aluminum, white finished with black and red markings.
  • POINTER: Black.
  • RECALIBRATOR: External reset on tip of stem.
  • STEM: Brass
  • ACCURACY: ±5 °F & ±2 °C.
  • AMBIENT TEMPERATURE: -40 to 250 °F (-40 to 120 °C).