High-Temp Replacement Gasket 15 Ft With Adhesive Backing / Komando

1/8" X 1" X 15' Our high heat self adhesive sticks and lasts! Rated For 1000 Degrees Fits large Komando This gasket is a big upgrade. 15 feet of material is plenty to re-gasket the lid and the base of a Large Komando. This high heat gasket installs easily to restore that factory airtight seal. It's self adhesive backing makes for no glue, no mess, no fuss. The ONLY gasket available with high temp self adhesive Made in USA

Installation directions: Carefully, remove old gasket with putty knife. Clean surface with rubbing acetone, alcohol or food safe degreaser Remove part of the paper backing from your new self-adhesive gasket. Press to install, do not stretch. Remove more paper backing as you go. Let lid rest closed for 24 hours before use.