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Haydon Hydronic Baseboard Model 750

1) ENCLOSURE TOP-BACK PANEL: Fabricated from one piece of sturdy pre-painted cold rolled steel designed for efficient air flow, with uniform surfaces and no dust collecting cutouts.

2) FINGER TIP POSITIONAL DAMPER: Special hinging mechanism allows for finger-tip control... closes shut to keep out dust or opens wide for maximum heat output. Damper deflects air into room, for better heating distribution.

3) HIGH STRENGTH BRACKETS: Die-formed from one piece of heavy gauge steel - designed to strengthen the enclosure and protect the heating element against damage - special notches hold the heating element to allow for quiet expansion... wont break or bend, cannot pop out of place. A turn of the wrist removes the twist slide brackets, for easy location during installation.

4) RETURN BRACKET OPTION: Wire hangers allow for easy installation of return pipe.

5) FRONT PANEL: Roll-formed from heavy gauge steel which resists damage during and after installation - pre-coated with a special rust-inhibiting white baked-on enamel paint. Looks new year after year. No heavier front available.

6) NOISELESS ELEMENT: Aluminum fins are mechanically fastened to copper tubing to insure maximum heat transfer. Elements have an expanded end for easy sweat connections without coupling.

7) SILENT GLIDE EXPANSION TRACKS: Two unique polyethylene silent glide tracks eliminate expansion and contraction noises.

8) 3/4" Connections.