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Fiberglass Wick by the Foot 1 1/2" Round Wick for Bottle Oil Lamps/Tiki Torch

Buy 10 Feet or More and Get an additional 5 MORE Feet FREE

You are purchasing 5/8" diameter round braided Fiberglass wick by the foot. Perfect for wine bottle & beer bottle Tiki torches, DIY oil lamps, candle rocks, and other projects.

Your purchased quantity will ship as one continuous length.

Renew your wicks... prepare for outdoor activities and possible power outages.

Order the quantity in feet (1 - 999) that you need and buy extra to have on hand.

If you need 3 feet, Quantity to purchase = 3

If you need 5 feet, Quantity to purchase = 5

If you consider 10 feet, Quantity to purchase = 10 (+5 Free! You will receive 15 feet)

For every multiple of 10, you get 5 more feet Free.

Order 10 feet and you will receive 15 feet

Order 20 feet and you will receive 30 feet

Order 30 feet and you will receive 45 feet and so forth

Enter the quantity (in feet) that you want to purchase. No special checkout procedure is required for the additional free wick. Add To Cart to view Shipping Rates at various quantities.