Central Boiler Parts Classic Silicone Door Seal Kit ( DELUXE 9'X7/8"+Silicone)

Fits all Central Boiler Models Except 7260.

Replace your Outdoor Wood Boiler door gasket one last time with Twin Waters Energy's Silico Rope gasket. Silicone coated rope is comprised of an electrical-grade fiberglass (E-Glass) fabric that is knitted or braided into customizable lengths. This base material is coated with viscoelastic silicone polymer, which imparts enhanced abrasion-resistant properties and optimizes the underlying thermomechanical performance of the E-Glass rope. Silicone coated ropes are extremely flexible and can be easily formed on-site to fit distinct furnace architectures.

Silicone coated ropes are designed for non-combustibility even in continuous use temperatures of 260°C (500°F), with outstanding non-wetting and inflammability behavior. One of the most beneficial properties of silicone coated ropes is their ability to completely eliminate the exit of gases, vapors, and liquids.