Central Boiler Parts 25mm Thermopex Underground Piping For Outdoor Wood Boilers

In addition to being lower priced, new 25mm ThermoPEX is easier to handle and transport. ThermoPEX is a proven system that saves energy and maximizes efficiency by keeping heat loss to a minimum. ThermoPEX for outdoor wood boiler/furnaces was designed specifically for this application. It's been in widespread use for many years and a proven design that works extremely well. With under 100 feet of the 25mm ThermoPEX the flow rates will be adequate for most applications when a single water-to-air exchanger and side arm exchanger is used in the system.

Save some money and take advantage of the easier installation characteristics 25mm ThermoPEX. Highlights of the 3/4" ThermoPEX - UPS Shippable. - Lower price ThermoPEX - Coil weight is easier to handle without a forklift and will fit in pickup truck box easily. - Easier for homeowner to install. More flexible, easier to connect to the furnace. - 75 feet of the 3/4" ThermoPEX will have about the same flow restriction as 100 feet of the 1" ThermoPEX. - Heat loss less than 1/2 F on 100-ft length. - 3/4" ID, 25 mm OD of PEX - 3" OD of shell - 0.6 lb/ft (55 ft roll weights 41 lbs, 95 ft roll weighs 69 lbs) - Smaller bend radius