Central Boiler FireStar II XP Wi-Fi Module Kit

The NEW FireStar XP Wi-Fi Module allows users to monitor an E-Classic boiler wherever they go, thanks to a dedicated easy to use web interface. By utilising E-link technology, users can also now store and share information from the boiler, as well as record a history of heating patterns in order to optimise its operation.

Features and benefits:

View water and reaction chamber temperatures in either oC or oF to maintain an efficient heating system
Check when the boiler was last loaded and monitor burn time
Plan ahead by keeping an eye on the local temperature
View operational data charts and graphs over a given period of time to optimise performance
Monitor the operating mode of an E-Classic boiler, e.g. low, idle, medium or high
Set up text alerts or emails to your phone as a reminder to refuel the boiler
Outdoor wi-fi display and control panel can be used to remotely view operational data and menu settings on the FireStar II controller. Compatible only with a properly configured FireStar II equipped outdoor furnace (with software version 6.4x or higher). Kit includes FireStar XP Outdoor Wi-Fi Module, wiring, Quickstart Guide, Operator's Manual and installation instructions. NOTE: Wireless range varies widely with each installation. Prior to purchase, a site survey (using a smartphone or laptop) should be performed to determine if the furnace site is within range of customer's existing wi-fi network. Range is generally up to 100 feet when unobstructed and there is no interference. Uses 802.11 technology.