B&G 6050B2003 Ecocirc 19-16 Cast Iron High Efficient Vario Circulators

The Ecocirc 19-16 is a smart, user-friendly, truly variable speed circulator which is ideally suited for use in heating, cooling and potable water application. Designed to be set once and forgotten. The onboard intelligence automatically adjusts speed to ensure maximized efficiency and accurate performance to suit a wide range of performance requirements. Integral check valve is supplied lose with every unit; if a check valve is required for installation, insert the O-ring end of check valve into the discharge port of the pump body and hand press the valve body into place until it snaps in position Proportional pressure (factory default mode) sensor less control mode that automatically adjusts differential pressure and flow according to the selected proportional pressure curve; this mode is recommended for use in systems with high pressure losses in the system; identified by blue LED lit behind the adjustment dial Constant pressure - sensorless control mode that automatically maintains a constant differential pressure by varying the flow according to the selected pressure curve; this mode of operation is preferred in systems with relatively small pressure losses in distribution systems; identified by green LED lit on the adjustment dial Constant speed - the pump maintains a fixed speed at any flow demand, based on the curve that is set on the adjustment dial identified by the white light lit on the speed adjustable dial Auxiliary modes 1 automatic air purge air trapped in the pump housing can be purged using this function 2 stand by this helps to keep the power consumption low(less than 1-Watt) when pump operation is not required