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Whitfield & Lennox Pellet Stove Glass Gasket Seal, (1/8"x3/4"x10' PSA)

Whitfield & Lennox Glass Gasket

Highest Quality USA Replacement

Window Glass Gasket Seal

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Lennox Pellet

Optima 2 FS (A02)
Optima 3 FS (A03)
Optima 3 Insert (A03)
Profile 20 FS (P9)
Profile 30 FS (P10)
Profile 30 Insert (P10)


Optima 2 (A02)
Optima 3 (A03)
Profile 20 (P9)
Profile 30 (P10)
Profile 30 Insert (P10)
Quest (WP4)
Quest Insert (WP4)
Quest Plus (WP4)
Quest Plus Insert (WP4)


Size Measures 3/4" Wide x 1/8" Thick x 10' Length. Original Gasket Measures 5/8" Wide. We Guarantee the 3/4" Replacement Will Provide Proper Seal and Performance.
Installation PSA Style Gasket. Peel-Off Adhesive Backing. Be sure to scrape away as much residue as possible from the previous gasket prior to installing the new gasket.