Taco 005 And 006 005-020RP Bronze Cartridge #222

The unique replaceable. cartridge contains all of the moving parts, and allows the circulator to be. serviced instead of replacing the entire unit. The quieter direct drive. cartridge type "00" Series circulator pump is self lubricating,. contains no mechanical seal, and requires no maintenance.. . For use on Taco Circulator models:. 005-BF.

TAC005-0020RP is the replacement cartridge for TACO 005 & 006 Bronze Pumps.

Used on Models:
  • 005-BF1
  • 005-BF1-W
  • 005-BF2
  • 005-BF2-1
  • 005-BF2-2
  • 005-BF2-J
  • 005-BF3-Y
  • 005-BF3Y-1
  • 005-ZBF2
  • 005-ZBF2-1
Used on 006 Models, EXCEPT for:

006-B4-5, 006-B4-7, 006-B4-8, 006-B4-11, 006-B5A-1FC, 006-B5Y-1, 006-B6-1IFC, 006-B6-2IFC, 006-B6-3IFC, 006-B6-4IFC, 006-B6IFC, 006-B6Y-1IFC, 006-B6Y-IFC, 006-BT2, 006-BT2A, 006-BT2Y, 006-BT4-2, 006-BT5Y-1