Polar VT2218-HY1-FC1A00 ,VAR SPD High Efficiency Motor

TACO VT2218-HY1-FC1A01

The Viridian VT2218 circulator is a temperature sensing, self-adjusting, variable speed wet rotor circulator with an ECM permanent magnet motor. Operating modes include Delta-T differential temperature, 4 fixed speeds, set point heat, set point cool, and boiler protection. Viridian VT2218 Delta-T Variable Speed, ECM High-Efficiency Circulator  High-efficiency ECM motor uses up to 85% less electricity  Delta-T operation maximizes system efficiency and comfort  LCD displays mode, setting, watts, supply & return temperatures  Easy to program and install
22 Shut-off Head, 18 gpm max flow  ECM High-Efficiency Motor  Operates in 5 different modes:
- Delta-T (5-50F) Variable Speed [factory pre-set : 20]
- Multi-Speed (4 fixed speeds)
- Set Point Heat (50-220ËšF) variable speed with boiler protection option
- Set Point Cool (32-100ËšF)
- Boiler Protection (100-160ËšF), protects boiler from low return water temperature  Full Speed Over-ride - For system fill and purging  Full LCD display showing:
- Mode, speed or temperature setting, watts, supply and return temperatures
- Error code diagnostics
- English or Metric units