Flat 1/8" x 2" Wood Stove Fiberglass Door Gasket Seal. Sold By The Foot

This is a brand new: Wood Stove Door Gasket, Fiberglass Rope Seal. Flat 1/8" x 2" . Made in USA. 1000 Degrees Rated. 2" wide x 1/8". Very strong Excellent for a multitude of applications such as wood stoves, maple syrup evaporators (pan gasket), boilers, grills, BBQ, kilns, and so much more. Part number is for one foot (i.e., order quantity will represent the number of feet ordered). Order Correct Number of Feet in the Quantity Box. Minimum Quantity To order Is Six (6) Feet.

Shipping Negotiated On 25 Feet+ Contact Us For Quote