Empyre / Cozeburn Wood Boiler Replacement Rope Gasket Kit Includes Silicone

Door rope gasket 3/4" for all gasification (Including Elite 100 and 200 models) & later model (late 2005 and after) conventional boiler doors. It is recommended to replace both door gaskets every 3-5 years depending on use.
*Excludes some of the earlier models of the 250 and 450.

For the 250-450 Empyre and Cozeburn boilers, most came with 5/8" gasket in the firebox door and ash pan drawer. Both need to be replaced for maintenance and to avoid a potential boil over situation from too much air entering the firebox.

After the introduction of gasification boilers, Pro Fab started using the 3/4" gasket in all boilers.

For boilers built in 2005 or earlier, we recommend 5/8" gasket.
If you substitute 3/4" for 5/8" it will fit very tight in the groove of the door and ash pan. If a door is slightly warped, 3/4" is a better choice. If you wish to order 5/8" gasket, click here