Draft OEM Blower for Ozark Biomass Econo 300 and 500

OEM Blower for Econo 300 and 500

Shaded Pole Blower, 70 CFM, Speed 2870 , RPM 3016 Voltage Rating 115 Volts, Current Rating 0.74 Amp, Frequency 60/50 Hertz, Thermal Protection Auto, For a diagram for the dimensions below please click to pictures 2 and 3 above.

Wheel Width (In.)1 7/8

Inlet Diameter (In.)3 1/8

Outlet Diameter (In.)2 1/8

Dimension A (In.)6-7/16

Dimension B (In.)6-1/2

Dimension C (In.)6-1/4

Dimension D (In.)2-1/4

Dimension E (In.)5-3/4

Dimension J (In.)4-1/16

Dimension L (In.)2-3/8

Dimension M (In.)2-13/16