Central Boiler E-Classic / Edge FireStar XP Wall Moun Wi-Fi Module #2500170

Product Description Remote display and control panel wired to the furnace and installed in the home or garage. Can be used to remotely view operational data and change menu settings on the FireStar II Controller. Compatible only with a properly configured FireStar II equipped E-Classic Kit includes FireStar XP Wi-Fi Module, wiring connector, Quickstart Guide, Operator's Manual and installation instructions. The cable from FireStar II controller to an indoor module (wall-mount or desktop) is sold separately. Wall-Mount Connection kit (p/n 2500170) for wiring and installing the FireStar XP Wall-Mount Wi-Fi module includes power supply, cable grip and screw terminal. Connecting cable from Firestar II controller sold separately. Ebay # 142259530793 Cable must be purchased separately