2-15 Branches ICMA PEX Radiant Floor Heating 1" Manifold Set Brass/Nickle

ADVANTAGES: ICMA Manufactured in Italy from corrosion resistant beautifully finished brass.

Complete Nickel Plated Brass Distribution Manifold

 1” Manifold Offering

 2 Through 12 Outlets With The Ability To Expand

 Commercial Or Residential Applications  Available In 0 To 1 GPM & 1 to 2 GPM Flow Rates

 Suitable For ¾” Euroconus Or M24 X 1.5 Fittings

 Adjustable Flow Meters With Sight Glass On Supply Manifold

 Temperature Gauge On Supply And Return 0ºC To 120ºC / 32ºF To 250ºF

 Swivel Style, ¼ Turn Drain Cock On Supply And Return With Cap (Purge Valve)

 Support Brackets For Box Or Wall Mounting With Anti-Vibration Support

 Ball Valves With Revolving Connections

 Automatic Air Vent Supply and Return

 Pre Fitted For Thermal-Electric Control Actuators On The Re-turn

 Additional Manual Shut Off On Return Circuits

 Pre-Assembled And Ready To Install

 Compatible With Most Glycols Used In Radiant Heating /Cooling Systems Accessories

 1/2” 5/8” 3/4” Pex And Pex-Al-Pex Fittings