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1 1/4" Copper Manifold 3/4" Crimp Fitting (With & W/O Valve) 2 Loops-12 Loops

These copper manifolds with/without 3/4" PEX Ball Valves are produced with high quality copper made here in the USA. This manifold is Lead Free and abides by AB1953 No Lead Law. Perfect for any type of potable/drinking water applications. Although this manifold is lead free with domestic drinking water applications in mind, it can also be used for radiant heating systems, as well. This manifold has 3/4" PEX barbs on each branch and can be used with Crimp Rings or Cinch Rings. Specifics: - Ports Supported:2-12 ports - Confirguration: Right/Left side - Branch Type: 3/4" PEX Ball Valve barb - Made in the USA.  ALL MANIFOLDS ARE CUSTOM MADE AND THEREFORE NON-RETURNABLE.