(100) Tube Talons with Nail, J Clamps for 1/2″ PEX, Copper, CPVC Tubing


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(100) Tube Talons with Nail, J Clamps for 1/2″ PEX, Copper, CPVC Tubing
Tube Talons are used to attach such pipes as PEX, Copper and CPVC to wooden surfaces (studs, joists, plywood, etc.). Can be used both in plumbing and radiant heating installations. Our Tube Talons are designed to provide a small clearance (~1/8″) between the wooden surface and the tubing, which eliminates problems associated with tubing thermal expansion.
Snap-over design allows for fast and easy installation;
Can be used with any type of tubing with 3/4″ CTS;
Cost-effective and labor-saving solution for any plumbing or radiant heating project;
Tools required: hammer.


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