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Constructed of titanium-enhanced stainless steel, the firebox has superior corrosion resistance and excellent heat transfer performance. This allows loading the firebox for longer burn times (in some cases up to 48 hours or more*) and burning some wood that is less than perfectly seasoned.

Central Boiler recommends burning seasoned wood when possible because dry wood burns better and provides more energy for heating your home. You'll burn less wood, saving you more money and time. That is, after all, what you want your outdoor furnace to do. *Actual burn times vary based on wood types, moisture content, heat load and ambient temperature.


The FireStar combustion controller monitors all functions of the furnace and optimizes the gasification process automatically. Working much like a car's engine control unit (ECU), the FireStar optimizes furnace performance by using sensors to decide how to control and independently adjust the primary and/or secondary air for a cleaner and more efficient burn. It can even shut the fan off to preserve heat if it runs out of wood. The FireStar features integrated wi-fi so you can monitor your furnace from anywhere with no additional hardware except a router and internet access.


The patent-pending vertical Easy View™ Heat Exchanger is an industry exclusive. Featuring a removable rear panel that provides full access without the use of tools, it's easy to access for quick inspections and even easier to maintain if cleaning is necessary.



Many owners choose to install their own furnace because the installation can be easily completed using the installation manual and our DIY video series. Connect the piping and heat exchangers to your existing system and the Classic Edge is ready to go to work.